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Weight Loss Treatments

With over 4 years of experience in the industry, we at MIAS are dedicated to helping your journey. Our slimming treatments are non-invasive and help tackle many areas you might be self-conscious about from cellulite to aging skin that needs tightening. As well as Laser lipo to help break down fat cells. Browse our slimming treatments below and let's help you kick-start your journey!

We also offer the Sprezzatura Programme which is a potent 12-week weight loss formula that activates 9 different systems in the body to help women lose weight fast and effectively in conjunction with a holistic approach to training and mind coaching that will help you get physically healthy and emotionally healthy.

What our clients had to say

“The experience and results are always the best at MIAS. I have become addicted."
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About MIAS Wellness

At MIAS we have 3 locations in Cape Town. Visit us for your slimming treatments from Laser lipo treatments to Radio Frequency and Cavitation treatments for anti-aging and tightening of skin. Make use of our Sauna Blanket treatments to sweat and detox and help you lose weight.

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