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Sauna Blanket Treatment

30 minutes in our sauna blanket.


The heat generated by an infrared sauna will cause your core temperature to

increase, which can lead to an increased heart rate- the same increase in heart rate

that you experience when exercising. 30 minutes in the sauna blanket is equivalent to to burning roughly 600 calories.

See below the benefits from our Sauna blanket treatment.

R560 per a session
Book 4 sessions and get the 5th session free! (R2,240 for 5 sessions)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it get uncomfortably hot in the sauna blanket?

We can control the temperature therefore are able to optimise to a level you are comfortable with. 

Any equipment needed before my session?

For hygiene purposes and better results we require clients to purchase a sauna suit either from us or from another store. You will keep the sauna suit to wash and use for your sweating sessions.

Have any questions about which treatment or treatment combination will work best for your goals?

We're always open to discussing your specific wellness requirements. Please feel free to get In touch to discuss further.

What our clients had to say

“The experience and results are always the best at MIAS. I have become addicted."
For more reviews please visit us on Fresha or Google Reviews

Our Salon Locations

At MIAS we have 3 locations in Cape Town. Find the details below for each location. If you are looking to reach the management team please email us at


Cape Town - De Waterkant

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